Friday, November 2, 2007

Animation Info

TITLE: Hold the Line
DIRECTOR: Sem Assink
STATUS: Finished

LENGTH: 6:30

Sem Assink's Hold the Line is a fun little animated short about four soldiers marching through the remains of a ruined world. Only discipline keeps them together, but when they are ambushed by an invisible foe, the men come up with the ultimate tactic to take him out.

Sem keeps the palette muted and the pace quick. The soldiers speak the hilarious, non-specific, and universal language of action movie gibberish as the conflict plays out to its logical conclusion. The film subtly makes a point that is all too accurate, yet never loses its sense of humor.

DIRECTOR: Dony Permedi

STATUS: released
LENGTH: 5 min.

"What is he doing?" If animator Dony Permedi's intention was to get the audience to ask that question, he succeeded. For most of the director's animated short, "Kiwi!", Permedi leaves the audience just at the edge of understanding as the little tan blob of a character toils away on some incomprehensible cliffside project. But when the time is right, all is finally revealed. Like the titular character, the audience's perspective changes and the bird's dream of a lifetime takes flight.

TITLE: Batman Chapter One: Help Me!!!
DIRECTOR: Isaak Fernandez Rodriguez
STATUS: Finished
LENGTH: 1:50

Isaak Fernandez Rodriguez has created a monster. This talented animator made a quirky little film, just a labor of love, that has set the internet on fire. Everyone wants to know more about him, and about his film.
And what of the film? An exercise in limited color, it gives every impression of an old black and white film. But there are subtle, and not-so-subtle colors present that Rodriguez uses to great effect. And the visual style is so addictive and original, somewhere between a Marc Craste dream mixed with some Russian Constructivist nightmare.

Rodriguez has a whole series of shorts planned, though currently he's not saying how many. Meanwhile, his public impatiently awaits the next installment of his Batman series, though it seems we'll all be waiting a bit longer than we might have preferred. His full time job at Ilion Animation Studios keeps him busy happily animating on their first film, Planet One. And he would like to take a breather before launching into production just now.

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